Leap of faith- Starting a YouTube Channel.

Read to know how starting my own YouTube channel is a huge leap of faith. Read my blog to know more! 🙂


Most of us go through all sorts of changes through our lives. Small or huge, good or bad, we all go through them, don't we??Here is a poem on change for all of you ☺ Change It can render you helpless sometimes It can make you feel out of place awkard and astonished unclear and … Continue reading Change…

Life – By Aditi Jog

Life is like a game Of snakes and ladders Sometimes sad Sometimes happy Sometimes up Sometimes down Sometimes happening Sometimes risky Life can be a gift as well as a curse only the perspective matters only the use matters Life is an experience and experiment for all of us Life is also a teacher Life … Continue reading Life – By Aditi Jog

Happiness is….???????????

Happiness! where art thou found? The most difficult thing to define is 'happiness' All our lives we want only one thing. To be happy. Kids, adults, old people, good and bad people, sane and insane people, all everyone wants, is to be happy, isn't it? We have been told that "If you do this" you … Continue reading Happiness is….???????????

Harry Potter: a fan’s (my) journey through the years

I was 8 years old, when I read my first Harry Potter book. Since then, I haven't ever looked back! At that age, reading Harry Potter was like making a new best friend, a friend, who stuck with me through good & bad times for 12 whole years! Harry has been a friend who made … Continue reading Harry Potter: a fan’s (my) journey through the years

The Clock is Ticking. How time flies!

Time is something that nowadays everyone says that they don't have enough. No time for chilling out with friends, not enough time for submitting projects, not enough time for family members, no time for this, no time for that!!!! I guess all of us, you & me, often use phrases like "Sorry, I don't have … Continue reading The Clock is Ticking. How time flies!