The Currency Ban and it’s aftermath

It was the evening of the 8th of November when the news of the ban of the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes reached me. At first, I just laughed the thing off, thinking it was just another Whatsapp rumor or prank being played by someone. Later on, to my surprise, I actually read the official news … Continue reading The Currency Ban and it’s aftermath


Politics, Power, Pride and Prejudice!

There was a time in India, when the British ruled the nation. They ruled India for 150 years. A handful of British ruled the entire huge nation for such a long time. It seems impossible that such few people had a hold over such a large population. You know what their strategy was which gave … Continue reading Politics, Power, Pride and Prejudice!


Hello all you wonderful people! How many times do we actually do what we want?? how many times do we actually know what we want in life??  Talking of writing, it was all I wanted to do a few years back!! okay, to some people my writing may be mediocre or below that, but still, … Continue reading Baffled!

Government vs Ramdeo…

News channels, newspapers hoardings, protests..everything is buzzing with how baba ramdeo protested & how the government reacted.... after the ghastly incident which occured yesterday night, when baba & his followers, who were protesting in a non-violent, peaceful way, were attacked by 5 thousand policemen(or gundas???) ,who lathicharged heartlessly on baba & his followers, not sparing … Continue reading Government vs Ramdeo…