Bali Diaries 2: Touring around. An honest Indian’s perspective

Bali series 2- Sharing 4 places in Bali you can see in a day, if you schedule a tour or book a driver.

Krabi, Thailand- Food, Beaches & Memories…

Travel Travel Travel.. If you know me or have read my posts you'd know I have a thing for traveling and do so every once in a while. Recently we (my husband and I) visited Krabi, one of the lesser known and more family-friendly destinations in Thailand. Most tourists visiting Thailand either flock to Bangkok … Continue reading Krabi, Thailand- Food, Beaches & Memories…

Just Breathe..

Breathe... The air which we breathe tells us a million stories Every place  every rock every stone every standing tree And every raindrop tells us the deepest of the secrets The morning gasp of air conveys something So does the dusky evening Breathe O breathe Just breathe to be... Breathe so that everything  Comes back … Continue reading Just Breathe..

Australian Diaries.. Part 6 So my Australian Diaries series comes to an end... I am back to India.... I am bittersweet about returning back.. In those 32 days my perspective towards life changed a lot.. Meeting people from all over the world, learning new things at the course and all around me had sort of made me into … Continue reading Australian Diaries.. Part 6

Australian Diaries.. Part 2

So the week continued to drag on.. there was a day when we had been attending lectures for 10 whole hours!! By the way in case I haven't mentioned I am studying at Curtin University. curtin university  As soon as Friday arrived, the atmosphere here changed. Everyone around was much more relaxed and jovial. The … Continue reading Australian Diaries.. Part 2

Australian Diaries.. Part 1.

It was the month of September when my VISA for Australia was finalized.. I was finally getting a chance to visit and study for a month in another country..  couldn't believe it then and still can't believe even though I am already here.It goes like this,  after graduating this year as a physiotherapist, after spending … Continue reading Australian Diaries.. Part 1.