12 Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes of all time

Sharing 12 inspirational Harry Potter quotes to help you get through the year and further times to come. Stay inspired.


Fashion Frenzy!

Hello people!! This is the signing off post of the fashion week of my blog fest- Well quite a few people asked me what was my take on fashion, so umm here is what I have to say- Manasi Joshi (Me) "When we think fashion, we imagine parties or weddings or film-stars or models. We … Continue reading Fashion Frenzy!

What is fashion? – The guys speak!

Hello everybody! When it comes to fashion, we generally think of women don't we?? Well what about the guys then? Shouldn't we consider them too?? I asked a few cool guys - "according to you what is fashion?" Let us take a glimpse at these five guys and read their interesting answers! AMEYA AVDHANI AMEYA … Continue reading What is fashion? – The guys speak!

What is fashion? – The gals speak!

MANASI JOSHI (ME) Hello all!  So let's start with the fashion week of the blog fest from today! Today, I have for you four amazing ladies who will speak what fashion means to them! Also at the end of the post, I have for you two amazing quotes on fashion. Let's get started, shall we??? … Continue reading What is fashion? – The gals speak!