The Girl In the Rain..

It was a rainy evening She kept wandering through the streets Her mind kept jumping Her heart kept pumpingShe wallowed in sorrow For her heart had been shattered and she felt as if there was no tomorrow She wanted to scream She wanted to cry She wanted to die Because she was deeply wounded By … Continue reading The Girl In the Rain..

Charismatic Corn!

Hello! Another post in this food week of my blog fest for you! Well, we cannot imagine Monsoon without the good old "Bhutta" (Corn) can we?? From feeling awesome to hold and eat a 'bhutta' as a kid, to it being used to prepare various meals like curry and soups, corn has been a part … Continue reading Charismatic Corn!

The Monsoon Fest

                                                                                   Hey there everyone!! When we think of a festival very rarely do we think … Continue reading The Monsoon Fest