It was another one of those days where one feels a little low.. I was wondering…. what was a free-spirited, fun-loving, emotional & art loving & a novel fanatic who loves to be in her own world, doing in the field of medicine?? Am I a misfit?? After all, I don’t get the “perfect” scores, which boast of my ability to mug up lines nor am I the ‘apple of the eye’ of my professors…

But then I remembered how happy I feel after treating a few patients when we are at our postings, how nice I feel when I see the pretty smiles of the babies at SOFOSH* and how fascinated at times I am at the way our human body works in co-ordination to the minutest detail…

Okay, so I decided may be I was in the right place after all.. besides, I couldn’t really imagine that if not a physiotherapy student, what else would I I left it at that….
I guess there are some trivial things in life which give you happiness.. here’s my list for you….
let me think… umm…
playing idiotic pranks on people,
watching worthless television dailies & discussing them with your girl gang or
feeling a relief as the weekend arrives,
or may be being late to an early morning class,
or writing a silly post like this on my blog
listening to music
eating pani puri 
& of course that feeling of being in love…
Well that was my list. There are many more such things, but I’ve skipped writing them over here. I’m sure you have one list too… each person has his or her own list of the so-called  unimportant things they do in life, which they think are unnecessary. I feel that it is these trivial things in life make it worth living.
Go & make your list.. now!!! Then you’ll realise that yes, the bigger things in your life like your career or studies or your work play a crucial role in establishing your identity & earning you a livelihood, luxury & to some extent give one happiness,, but it is those itsy-bitsy things in your life that make it a complete picture which is worth looking at.. 
Now lets say you had to buy a picture…Imagine a half painted picture of a huge mansion & everything else blank on the canvas & the same mansion on the canvas with the background filled with flowers, trees, two people walking here and there… most of us would prefer to buy the latter wouldn’t we?? Life my friends. is a blank canvas & its upto us to make it an interesting picture… not for anybody else, but for ourselves!! So I guess those things which make up the background do matter….
Yeah yeah, I know this post doesn’t make much sense…but I don’t want it to, anyway…!!! Au revoir!
*SOFOSH is an orphanage run by an NGO, attached to the government hospital Sassoon in Pune, where we students are posted to get paediatric exposure.
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